Бинго на евро truck

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Бинго на евро truck

Home Бинго на евро truck Workshop Market Broadcasts. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Store Page. This item has been banned because it violates the Steam Terms of Service. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been banned mistakenly, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Euro Truck Simulator 2. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Euro Truck Simulator 2.

This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, бинго на евро truck admins. Бинго на евро truck aims to be most complete and thorough full guide for every single steam achievement in Euro Tuck Simulator 2.

This item has been added to your Favorites. Complete a perfect delivery Complete deliveries with all trailer types Test drive limited Drive at least km during jobs with each truck brand featured in the game Cheating, Hacking, Lazy playerz.

As title says, I want this guide to бинго на евро truck perfect and very detailed. Be prepared for wall of text and crazy amount of images. Almost every achievement can be obtained several ways including cheating, so this guide also includes fast and unethic methods for lazy players. You will find them at bottom. Written and tested with vanilla ETS2 ver. You can copy my guide freely as long as you provide credit in more info of link to this steam guide page.

Anyone this web page making fun of my images will be banned immediately! Developers sorted them into four categories: However the truckers are patient people and we have all confidence in them.

Extreme - 1 - thats for the most hardcore, never to give up types that drive through the learn more here of Euro Truck Simulator 2 http: This achievement is very easy and can be obtained in the end of your very first training mission. All you need to do is hit [Enter] in close aproximity of final destination of your cargo when appropriate message appears on your GPS device. Your trailer will be teleported to location and you will read more your reward in form of money, XP and achievement.

Gas бинго на евро truck are pretty much everywhere outside of cities and can be seen on map with typical green-white бинго на евро truck. If you want to play Euro Truck simulator 2 as intended you will need to fill your tank from time to time. Locate nearest gas station, stop your truck right at the spot of canister icon, turn off engine by [E] then hold [Enter] until your tank is full or you reached the amount you wanted to fill.

Rest stops are places where you can sleep in case you are "tired" and have been driving for too автоматы деньги как вулкан снять игровые. Originally posted by Off Topic:. Gets бинго на евро truck when you board a ferry and use it to cross water channel between Europe and Great Britain.

Port locations are marked on map by blue-white icon featuring anchor and you can find them only near those cities: Find a port, drive your truck right at green rotating anchor icon, hit [Enter], choose your destination and click "Embark" button. This achievement is almost same as sardine one, but instead of boat you need to http://nikeinternationalistsneakersschuhe.info/gaminator-igrovie-avtomati-na-dengi-ukraina.php across "La Manche" English channel using underground train tunnel.

Its eurpoean entrance is located near Calais France and british entrance is located near Dover. Principle of using is same as with ferry. Locate it on map looking for grey-white icon resembling tunnel. Drive through green-light open gate, pass down hill to train carriage and stop your truck right above rotating 3D green icon of tunnel. Press [Enter], choose only available route and click "Embark" button. You have earned your achievement.

In order to gain this achievement you бинго на евро truck to own at least one truck and one garage, otherwise this option will be disabled.

Quit to main menu, click "Company Manager" button, click "Garage Mananger" button and choose your main garage - your headquarters that you choosed when creating profile. Then cilck "Quick travel" and you will be transfered to your main garage. Conditions you need to meet: From main menu click "truck бинго на евро truck, select бинго на евро truck dealer you want to purchase from, click "Buy online" button, choose truck of your like and purchase it. You can apply custom colors only to trucks you own.

It can be done either by driving at service shop or from the comfort of chair through company managerthen truck manager and paint icon will open all available colours and schemes. Choose бинго на евро truck metallic paint", fiddle with color slider a bit and purchase it. This scheme you must apply five times in row.

I recommend to make frequent new saves. If I remember right those jobs can be also obtained as "Quick jobs" source if you know you are click driver, sort your job offer by route length and pick those short 1km deliveries inside city across the road.

Just remember to check all requirements before hitting [T] to unload cargo, otherwise you are going to start five in row again.

This is one of the creepiest achievements in game since бинго на евро truck have to very carefully calculate distance vs. XP gain for very long distance and time but you dont бинго на евро truck any indication of its progess. Read article truckers will earn it casually playing game without the intent to do this achievement yet some are having hard time and are unsuccesfull for long period of time.

Best topic about this is on steam at http: No free roaming without cargo, you better not бинго на евро truck "quick travel" to your other garages between jobs and you absolutely have to park every cargo manually in its final destination.

Easier said than done: Involves lots of driving, money and nerves if you placed your headquarters in Germany or Бинго на евро truck Britain during character building. But if you were lucky enough and placed your garage in Luxembourg In current version of game you can fortunatelly relocate your headquarters to Luxembourg to earn this achievement easily. First you have to discover it and buy it for EUR. Then you can open "Company manager", "driver manager", you find your name, clik "relocate" button and search map for newly acquired Luxembourg garage.

Nice tip by http: This one is quite easy but takes lots of time. Expect to see it unlocked at 50 to Real-time бинго на евро truck invested in the game, no earlier. In top left corner of map you can see your progress at read more new roads, cities, factories, dealerships, garages, service stations and other game objects.

Once discovered бинго на евро truck will turn yellow, not yet discovered is gray. You actually need to drive inside those objects to turn them from grey to yellow! In this topic is basic discussion about it http: Another one achievement involving tens or hundreds of real time hours spent in game.

You have to own lots of garages, in those garages you need to have lots of high level employees together with lots of powerful trucks. They all including you because your earnings are added too have to work like slaves and click daily at least EUR to unlock this hard achievement. You can check your daily profit ingame by going "company manager" and "garage manager". There click at this page some statistics about your company but the last one called "average daily profit" is the one connected with achievement trigger.

I know that speeding tickets are hard to avoid while driving kmh but you can always turn your limiter on and drive 90kmh as intended. Watch your GPS for speed signs and drive бинго на евро truck to them.

In order to pick a job over km your skill "long distance" should be at least Rank 4. Click "freight market" or "quick job", sort your table by route length and choose one that has "land distance" over km ferry and train distance does not count towards achievement. If you know you drive slowly pick those with one green arrow marked as "standard delivery". Avoid speeding, red lights, crashing AI traffic, crashing barriers, lamp posts, driving without lights or too long time behing wheel rest enough.

As usual make frequent saves and load immedately after your cargo was damaged see [F7] GPS screen бинго на евро truck damage is not important. At final destination you can use auto parking feature to release some stress. It is marked as hard for a reason. You need to track cargo types for yourself бинго на евро truck a long period of time. Every job you take has cargo type specified as ilustrated in image. There are many different types of it in base game and even more if бинго на евро truck are using DLCs or mods.

In base game there are currently 94 different cargo types defined inside game files. Best and most reliable method is to print this chart I created and manually write down every job you pick up and tick off when delivered. Good old RPG style gaming in Every game profile you create is counted separately so choose бинго на евро truck one you want this achievement earn with.

After every бинго на евро truck patch released or DLC installed there is some possibility to have your progress either erased or reduced because it is stored at your PC inside your save game file.

Successfully unlocked achievement is permanently stored on steam servers. If you aim to complete " Swimming in success" achievement you certainly will earn this one also with little more effort. You can check your progress by sorting it for productivity.

[ETS2]Как увеличить угол обзора/How to increase FOV

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